If you are someone who cannot start the day without a cup of piping hot and strong tea, we understand how important it is to you and your day. Not only does a cup of tea energises you right in the morning, at the end of a long day at work, in between work or meetings, but also imparts certain health-benefitting properties. It all depends on the ingredients in it and how is it brewed. Some enjoy a simple black tea, or the one with milk, some prefer green tea while some enjoy masala chai, full of different spices, there are tonnes of ways which people prefer. And let's be honest, a true tea connoisseur will not just stick to one type of tea, given the sheer variety available around the world. One of the most beloved variants is the ever-refreshing lemon tea. Did you know how a simple squeeze of lemon juice into black tea can have multiple health benefits?  

Yes, lemon tea is made simply by adding lemon juice to your regular tea without milk. And if you are someone who loves to sip on the drink once in a while, we have brought you three amazing health benefits that you can reap by adding it to your regular diet:

1. Boost Immunity  

A great source of vitamin C, lemon strengthens the immunity system and help in protecting our body against various infections. Besides it is also rich in vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium, and magnesium and the tea leaves also contain flavonoids and antioxidants that help in making your immune system stronger.

2. Regulating Weight

Looking to shed some kilos? Sip on this wonderful drink that can detox the body while aiding in digestion. Lemon is known to increase insulin resistance, which further helps to reduce fat levels in the body.

3. Skin Health

The anti-inflammatory and astringent properties of lemon help in combatting skin infections that causes acne, pimples or eczema. Lemon tea can be a good skin detoxifier that improves overall skin health.  

How To Make Lemon Tea

1. Brew a cup of black or green tea.

2. Squeeze half a lemon into it.

3. If you want you can add a bit of honey, jaggery, a pinch of black salt or ginger powder for flavour. Stir and drink.