How to use dried or fresh rose petals in baking or cooking? You must have seen some dishes flavoured with rose petals. Dried rose petals also used as garnish and spice for sweets and food. Rosewater is added to desserts and is a common pantry ingredient. Every type of rose is edible! Rose petals have flavours similar to strawberries and green apples, with a classic accessory to aromatic recipes. Including roses in your meals adds a delicate and surprising flavour you are sure to love.

Rose Tea (coarse sugar infused with dried rose petals)

Dried rose petals are great in herbal rose tea mixes, too. Rose tea is a well-balanced herbal mix that is beautiful, quite heart-friendly and delicious. You can make rose tea at home by mixing tiny rosebuds, dried rose petals, and green or black tea leaves with a few cardamom pods for an exotic brew.

Fresh buds and petals of all roses in food decoration

You must ensure that roses have not been diffused with chemicals. Fresh rose petals, crystalised with sugar, look great on cakes. Dried rosebuds look gorgeous when used sparingly as decoration on pastries. Dried flower petals don’t have much aroma, so less is more in this case.

Dried rosebuds and toasted rose petals

Are you using dried rose petals as a spice? Then toast them lightly in a pan. Toasting provides dried rose petals with a delicious smokey edge and intensifies the aroma. You can use crushed rose petals to flavour Persian rice dishes, such as saffron rice. 

Mast-o khiar (yoghurt with cucumbers and herbs)

The diluted form of the yoghurt slaw makes a delightful cool summer soup called Abdoogh. You can also sprinkle crushed rose petals on plain yoghurt. You can use stir toasted rose petals into cucumber soup with raisins, chopped walnuts and herbs.