It’s wine o'clock. Time to open that bottle of merlot. But guess what? There is nobody around the house who can open the bottle of wine for you. Doesn’t that stink? It’s like that situation in which you really wanted to go see a friend who invited you for an impromptu get together, but you cannot join the fun since there is no one to drive you. Of course, you don’t even know the point of finding the car keys since you cannot drive. Annoying, isn’t it? 

Well, at least you can call a cab if you cannot drive. But what about the key to open your wine bottle? Still intimidated by it?  

Have you tried using a hammer, a screwdriver, a spatula and even doing an arm workout to pull the cork out of the wine bottle? If so, you clearly have reached a point of desperation. You should be very cautious when you try these methods. If you get intimidated by the thought of using a wine key, well you shouldn’t. Follow the steps below.   

Using a wine key is 100% safer. 

Go for the simplest type of wine key, also known as a waiter’s corkscrew which will get the cork out of the bottle easily. Essentially there are 2 important parts of the wine key that are integrated. You must know about them: the foil cutter knife and the worm. The foil cutter is used to un foil the wrapper around the neck of the bottle. The worm is used to pull the cork out of the bottle.  

What you need:  

  • 1 bottle wine
  • Wine key  


  • In one arm-twisting move, pierce the integrated foil cutter knife against the neck of the bottle.  
  • Remove the metal wrapper around the cork.  
  • Drill the point of the worm into the centre of the cork as deep as possible.  
  • Keep twisting it around, as well as pulling it up.  
  • Do not try to tilt the worm, as that may break the cork.  

Photo: Árpád Czapp

Next time, you want to try and open a bottle of wine — don’t hesitate. Once you practice consistently, you’ll be able to use a wine key without any fear. For now, we hope that you’ll take these tips into consideration.