Dal is usually considered boring and remains the most avoided by kids. It's one of the essential parts of almost every Indian's daily meal. Being a staple food doesn't mean dal has to be dull and monotonous. It deserves to be something delicious and not taken for granted. Therefore, here we tell you 4 ways you can make your dal taste scrumptious.

Dal fry

For making dal fry, you can use lentils of your choice like moong, masoor, or even chana but toor dal is considered ideal for it. A perfect balance of spices and rich flavours of onions, tomatoes, herbs, and ghee is all you need in order to make a regular lunch special.

Moong dal curry

You need sprouts to make dal curry. Perfect to go with your parathas, roti or plain rice, green gram curry or moong dal curry is what you should go for when you want something healthy, different, and spicy.

Chana dal/Bengal gram recipe

Delicious lauki dal is what you can prepare using chana dal. It tastes mouth-watering when served with rice.

Dal palak

Spinach is a great source of significant nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, protein etc. You can mix this superfood with your normal dal and prepare something unforgettable. 

Dal paneer masala

This is no ordinary dal recipe. Dal paneer masala can turn your regular meal into something royal. Try adding paneer to dal instead of those heavy paneer recipes. If paneer dishes are your thing, we bet you'll love it.

Dal has a peculiar taste and flavor that complements many other foods. Go beyond the plain dal!