We always end up wasting that one chapatti that we made thinking what if someone asks for an extra one. Something made with effort and love for you should never go into a trash bin. Agree? If yes, let's know about 3 simple ways to stop wasting food by becoming a little jugadu.

Turn Them Into Snacks

If you have some extra boiled potatoes in your fridge that you won't use for lunch, then slice and keep them on the terrace to dry. You can later fry them and enjoy your homemade chips with tea. Another most often wasted food item is the extra amount of rice you made during lunch. Don't worry! You can do the same with this and it'll taste something similar to fried puffed rice.

Try something new

With leftover chapattis, you can try anything from crackers, wraps, chips, and many more. If the leftover rice is fresh you can go for a bowl of nice fried rice with vegetables of your choice. Another better option is to turn it into sweet rice or rice kheer.

Save it and use later

If you ended up preparing something dry in a large quantity, you can preserve them for later use. for example, if you have fried extra suji for halwa, you can use the leftover to make gujia. One should never waste extra prepared masala or vegetable stuffing as well as there are so many innovative ways of using them.

Don't forget that someone is starving while we're thinking of ways to use the leftovers.