Bitter gourd or Karela is one such vegetable that is not everyone’s favourite. In fact, most people do not like having karela at all. Why? The answer lies in its name itself. This bitter-tasting vegetable is packed with important nutrients. Bitter gourd is believed to be native to tropical Asia and is currently widely grown in India, China, tropical Africa, Indonesia, and Malaysia. This warm-season crop has medicinal value and therefore those suffering from diabetes, rheumatism, asthma, and blood-related diseases are recommended to eat bitter gourd.

There are various ways to add this super nutritious vegetable to your daily diet. You can opt for easy-to-make Karela dishes that not only offer you good health but promise to satisfy your taste buds too. One such dish is Masaledar Karela. You can have it with chappatis, rice, and dal or with paratha too. Scroll down to know its recipe in detail.


  1. Bitter gourd: 5
  2. Refined oil: 3 tablespoon
  3. Turmeric: 1/2 teaspoon
  4. Garam masala powder: 1/2 teaspoon
  5. Tomato: 3
  6. Dry mango powder: 1/2 teaspoon
  7. Ginger paste: 1 teaspoon
  8. Red chilli powder: 1 teaspoon
  9. Green chilli: 4
  10. Coriander powder: 1 teaspoon
  11. Onion: 2 (chopped)
  12. Salt as required
  13. Garlic paste: 1 teaspoon
  14. Cumin seeds: 1 teaspoon


  1. Heat a saucepan on medium flame and add oil.
  2. Let it heat and then add cumin seeds. Also, add onions and green chillies after 2 minutes. Stir fry them till the onions turn golden brown. 
  3. Now, add turmeric powder, chilli powder, coriander powder, and salt to the pan. Saute for a few minutes.
  4. In addition, add dried mango powder, ginger garlic paste, and tomatoes. Mix them well and fry for 6 minutes.
  5. Now add sliced bitter gourd and cook for 10 minutes in the covered pan. Serve hot after sprinkling some garam masala.

Do try this easy bitter gourd/Karela recipe and surprise your family.