Soya Chaap can be called a meat dish for the vegetarians out there. It has gradually emerged as a ubiquitous treat. Being made of soybeans, Soya Chaap is a good source of protein. Since the time Soya Chaap has been discovered, vegetarians all around the world have got a scrumptious diversion from the overexposed paneer. The meat-like taste of Soya Chaap is something that a few non-vegetarians also crave. A sizzling plate of Soya Chaap is enough to make anyone drool without even trying out the dish. 

This gastronomical avatar got its due recognition quite late. It took time to gain prominence and now you can find it on the menu of almost every restaurant and fast food outlet. Can you blame this vegetarian meat? Soya Chaap has different varieties that cater to the needs of everyone's tastebuds. The most important ingredient used to make Soya Chaap is soya which is the most extensively cultivated legume worldwide. In addition, soya is a rich source of protein. 

Soya Chaap is believed to be originated in South Asia and later became famous in India and Pakistan. It is mostly eaten in the northern parts of India. To make this scrumptious dish traditionally, you need to bake soya after marinating in yougurt and spices using skewers in a clay oven. 

Soya Chaap is one of the best protein sources for vegans. Non-vegetarians should also switch to this nutritious dish as unlike chicken chaap, soya chaap is free from harmful preservatives, low in fat, and great in taste. It has the same juiciness and tenderness as Chicken Chaap.

Here is the detailed recipe for Soya Chaap. 

Enjoy your delicious Soya Chaap with Roti, Laccha Paratha, Missi Roti, or Tawa Paratha. Do let us know how do you like this dish and would you recommend it to others.