We are all for fruits, but why do they need to be so difficult? Take pomegranate for instance. It is both healthy and loaded with nutrition, but by the time you grab a knife and start separating the arils from the rind, you just lose all the will to have it altogether. Same is the case with pineapple. The spiky outer skin seems more like a weapon than a peel, and how do you even get to the sweet flesh without exhausting yourself? Well, turns out that there are umpteen easier ways to cut a pineapple, it is just that you were unaware of them all this while. Fruits are our best bet for a healthy lifestyle, hence giving up on them, just because they are slightly complex to cut is not the best strategy. 

If you also love pineapples like us, but are thinking of simpler ways to cut it. We’ve got you covered.

1. First and foremost, pluck a leaf from the top. If it comes out easily, your pineapple is ripe. Smell the pineapple, which will also tell you a fair deal about its ripeness. 

2. Now place your pineapple sideways and cut off the leafy top. Now cut off the bottom. Make sure you are left with flat edges on both sides, this will help your pineapple stay at one place when you put it upright.  

3. Now using a sharp knife, shave off the skin of the pineapple from top to bottom.  Now once you have the thick yellow flesh of the pineapple, peel of the eyes.  

4. Now, cut it vertically from top to bottom, and then sideways. Slice them in your desired thickness. 

Yes, it is that easy. This method ensures minimal wastage and will help you enjoy pineapples without any fuss.