Chlorophyll, a green substance that helps plants make food for their survival. Found in all green plants, chlorophyll traps the sunlight required for the synthesis of food. This means plants cannot live without chlorophyll.

With the help of this natural pigment, researchers made a similar semi-liquid mixture called chlorophyllin. This is used as a supplement and given to humans for the treatment of various illnesses. Liquid chlorophyllin is known to have a plethora of health benefits. Let’s know about a few of them.

Helps Fight Against Cancer

According to a study conducted at Oregon State University, both chlorophyllin and chlorophyll are capable of preventing the absorption of carcinogens by the body and DNA damage. They do so by binding themselves to the cancer-causing elements. Chlorophyll and chlorophyllin interfere with the metabolism of procarcinogen of chemicals. Notably, without the metabolism by enzymes called cytochrome P450, procarcinogens cannot turn into active carcinogens.

Good For Liver Detoxification

Chlorophyllin helps in the elimination of toxic elements from your liver. It can also reduce your risk of aflatoxin-induced liver damage by increasing the phase 2 biotransformation enzyme.

Heals Wounds

Chlorophyllin speeds up wound healing by reducing the rate of reproduction of harmful bacteria. This further prevents any potential infection or inflammation.

Boosts Digestion And Helps in Weight Loss

Chlorophyllin balances your fluid levels in the body and reduces your risk of suffering from constipation. Also, it helps in increasing the metabolism and further shedding extra kilos.