Summer coolers are the best. They are the medicine, therapy, stress-buster and best friend we need in the scorching summer heat, no matter what our day has been like. Perhaps we can entice you with this delicious recipe of a cucumber lemon mint gimlet.  

You’ll love the concoction of gin with a spot of lime and mint. But may we suggest only drinking this after you have wrapped up your day? Gimlet has a penetrating effect and must be consumed when your mind is at ease. The sour taste of lime may overpower. So it is better to use lime juice judiciously. You could look at adding other syrups if you wish to make something on the sweeter side.

Traditionally, a gimlet is made with rose’s lime juice which gives it a distinct flavour. But there are no hard and fast rules today. You’ll love the combination of cucumber, lemon and gin. It is, after all, one of the most hydrating cocktails. Here, we have a recipe for the gimlet. Drinking this at home is akin to taking a trip to the spa, and closing your eyes while laying in the chair as the magic of cucumber peels rejuvenates you.  

Photo: John Fornander


4 Tablespoons of gin  

1 Tablespoon lime juice 

1 Tablespoon sugar syrup 

1-2 peeled cucumber slices  

3-4 mint leaves  

Ice cubes 


In a shaker, fill ice cubes, gin, lime juice, mint, cucumber and sugar syrup. Shake until chilled. This should take about 20 seconds.  

Strain over an ice-filled glass, and garnish with mint and cucumber.  

We hope that you’ll love making this really refreshing gin cocktail!