Gone are the days when you could’ve just sneezed in public and gone about with your business. The act of coughing and wheezing is also a direct invitation to conspicuous stares. The coronavirus pandemic has made us acutely sensitive to our surroundings, especially when it comes to matters of health and hygiene. There is no room for negligence now, and hence the best strategy would be to keep working on your immunity. 

Immunity, simply put, is your body’s natural defence system against disease-causing pathogens. You cannot build your immunity in a day, but you can strengthen it with consistent efforts. Your kitchen ingredients could play a pivotal role here.  

Herbal teas are very effective in combating cold, cough and flu


Health Benefits Of Fennel Seeds 

1. Fennel seeds pack a lot of fibre. Fibre helps bulk up our stool and facilitate digestion. 

2. Fennel seeds serve as a remedy for gastric problems and bloating. Anethole, a volatile oil, is the main component of fennel seeds that helps cure constipation and acid reflux. 

3. The light-green seeds are also loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that help heal internal injuries or swelling in the intestines. 

4. Even diabetics can munch on these seeds guilt-free as they have a low glycaemic index. 

5. Drinking fennel mixed with hot water may also help soothe menstrual cramps.  

Why Should You Drink Fennel Tea For Cold And Cough? 

The seeds are also an excellent source of antioxidants. They are also enriched with antimicrobial properties that give our immunity a natural boost. Drinking a glass of juice or a cup of tea made with fennel seeds could help ease congestion and thin mucus. 

How To Make Fennel Tea? 

Place a vessel on heat. Add a cup of water, 1 teaspoon of fennel or saunf seeds, 1 pod of cardamom and let it simmer for 5 minutes. Strain and drink hot.