Nothing is more exciting than drinking the local drinks in the mountains. Sipping or chugging down the local beverages can provide you with a magical experience. Here are seven unique local brewed alcohol that soothes your senses and protects you from freezing. Must try these drinks when you’re enjoying the beauty of the mountains.

1. Lugdi In Manali

This mountain drink got a special mention in the movie "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani", remember? Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are seen sipping on it on a trek to keep themselves warm in the film. This local crude beer is quite famous among the tourists. It is a rice beer brewed only in Manali. It is usually made in summers and saved for the harsh winter months. So Lugdi is an excellent way to keep you warm on a cold night in the hills.

2. Chhang In Ladakh

A Tibetan alcoholic beverage made of fermented rice, millet, or barley. This is also cloudy beer, as the seeds or other grains are stuffed in a bamboo tumbler, and boiled water is poured over them. Once the barley turns cold, the yeast is added to ferment it for another three days. This drink is famous in Ladakh, Nepal, and other Himalayan regions.

3. Tongba In Sikkim

Just like chhang, it is also made through fermenting barley where the alcohol content is low. Your drink is ready in a few minutes, served in a tall wooden mug with a bamboo straw. This warm and sweet drink is popularly served on religious offerings and celebrations in Sikkim, Bhutan, Tibet, and Nepal.

4. Chulli In Kinnaur

Unlike other drinks mentioned above, this doesn’t involve a fermented millet. Chulli is a sweet and fruity drink prepared from apples and apricots. It is a smooth alcoholic drink also known as ghanti. It tastes like vodka with a fruity essence and goes well with spicy dishes. This drink is a mood lifter and is known to have healing properties.

5. Zutho In Nagaland

This is a fermented rice drink and is a must-have during the Hornbill festival. It is also known as Thutshe or Khe. This local Nagaland beverage is made with sprouted rice grains and has a distinct flavour from other rice wines. Zutho is an alcoholic beverage famous for its powerful fruity odour.

6. Kiad In Meghalaya

In a capital called Meghalaya, there you’ll find tin shacks serving jadosh (local meat and rice) along with a milky white brew drink known as kiad. This drink is served in a bamboo tumbler with gentle fizzing and bubbling. Over the years, this drink has become a traditional staple drink for celebrations, either big or small.