Mention chicken, and it is enough for a non-vegetarian to slurp! The options are endless, from creamy butter chicken to spicy tandoori or mouth-watering changezi when it comes to chicken specialities. But did you know that chicken is a reservoir of nutrition besides being a scrumptious meal option? Chicken is one lean meat that is one of the best sources of animal protein. As per the (USDA) United States Department of Agriculture, 100 gram of chicken breast contains 31 grams of protein, a nutrient that helps the body burn fat more effectively, keeping us satiated for a longer time. And no, you don’t need to toss it with oodles of cream and oil for a drool-worthy meal. We’ve got five amazing healthy chicken recipes that are the best ways to combine healthy and tasty! So work your way to weight loss without compromising your love for chicken with these delicious chicken recipes.

5 Healthy Chicken Recipes That May Aid In Weight Loss

1.      Low Fat Chicken Tostadas
Crispy tortillas layered with beans and a scrumptious chicken mix, baked to perfection! Chicken chunks tossed with salsa sauce makes it an irresistible affair.

2.      Curried Chicken Salad
Here’s a salad you would love indulging in! Succulent chicken chunks, tangy grapes, pineapple tidbits, celery, the goodness of raisins and water chestnut makes for a wholesome bowl of protein you wouldn’t want to miss.

3.      Chicken Shawarma
A juicy, spicy mix of minced chicken and spices wrapped around a whole wheat flatbread, doesn’t it sound like an exciting meal? You can make it at home!

4.      Chicken & Chutney Salad
Here’s a wholesome meal to prepare in a jiffy and pack for lunch. The goodness of yoghurt, milk, spices, berries, and crunchy almonds tossed with chicken and tantalizing mango chutney makes for this amazing chicken salad, perfect for your weight loss plans!

5.      Lemon Chicken Soup
Is there anything more refreshing than a bowl of warm soup? Light, easy and delicious, this soup has protein-rich chicken and a refreshing flavour of lemon together for a wholesome meal.

Try these healthy, easy chicken recipes for weight loss at home and share your thoughts and experiences with us.