And to accompany that, we have creamy, mayonnaise-based dips that each one of us loves. It’s like double-trouble.  If you’re on a diet or generally monitoring your calorie intake, these dips would dip down your count. Here are four delicious dips that have a great taste and are low on those calories too.  

  • Hummus dip  

Of course, you’re aware of the popular Middle-Eastern hummus and pita duo. A chickpea-based dip with a creamy texture, the tangy flavours of coriander, garlic and sesame seeds would blend perfectly well with a bag of chips or crispers.  

  • Beetroot mint dip  

The beautiful red beets lend a great a base and colour to this dip. It’s a relatively thick dip along the cumin seeds and a dash of mint and lime juice, adding to it after blending a paste. Grab your tortilla or vegetable chips from that kitchen cabinet and enjoy.  

  • Beans smashed dip  

This healthy dip is a chunky combination of beans, chickpeas and yoghurt. Seasoning the dip is a crucial step because the beans don’t have a flavour of their own. Blend it all and add some lemon zest for a slight sour effect. Carrot and celery sticks, swimming a pool of this dip can work wonders.  

  • Pumpkin dip  

We know you made that face as soon as you read pumpkin. This dip might just be a turning point. Take some mashed pumpkins. Add coriander, green chillies and garlic and churn the blender. What you get is a great dip with a garnishing of black sesame seeds for your cutlets and fries.  

Did you see us using mayonnaise anywhere? Exactly, so try these dips on your next game night and see your guests reactions.