Arancini literally translates into orange. No, but it is actually not. Owing to the shape, colour and size of these fried rice balls, they are named this way. And this delectable snack-like item is a staple of Sicily. Belonging to the Italian region, Sicily is the largest island on the Mediterranean Sea. Italian and Sicilian cuisine have one thing in common: rice. However, they way they make their rice is what brings about the whole difference. 

Apart from Greek Temples and the biggest volcano in Europe, if there’s ever talk of this island is because of its famous arancini. Crispy outer layer of rice stuffed with meat, peas and all savoury sauces, once you pop them into your mouth, you wouldn’t stop at one. They say that they were invented in the southern part of Italy, when Aragones brought the Kingdom of Naples’ attention to this palle de riso (as he called it). A Spanish paella (rice dish) is also something in similar vein. 

They aren’t just simply any rice balls. You would find them in round, ball-like shape with ragu sauce or they show up as buttery pear-shaped crisps too. This rice is generally saffron-flavoured and then filled with meat. Whenever you pull apart one, the cheese pull is definitely going to melt your heart. 

We’ve got a delicious version of this arancini right here. The beef mince is tossed up in a rich tomato sauce and covered in bread crumbs to fry and enjoy. You can add mozzarella to prosciutto, anything that will make you in some deep cheese. Try this recipe by