If we ask you, which summer fruit do you long for the most? Many of you would probably not even think for a second to say that it is the one and only ‘mango’. This pulpy fruit has taken the hearts of everyone across the subcontinent. The sheer adoration we have for the fruit has opened the gates to various creative dishes. From savoury to sweet, mango can satiate any foodie’s palate, in any avatar. Mango juice is probably one of the classic ways to enjoy the goodness of the fruit. But would you be surprised, if we tell you, that you can turn this into a cocktail as well? Yes, you can revamp your classic mango juice into a divine glass of margarita. This cocktail is very effortless to prepare and you only need a handful of ingredients to make this refreshing drink. Frozen mango lemonade margarita can be prepared in two ways. First is ‘on the rocks’- this can be a great option if you don’t have a blender, you can directly add the ice-cubes into the glass. Second is ‘frozen’-in this we will combine tequila, triple sec, lime and mango juice which will be blended together. This cocktail is a whole new spin to your regular margaritas and you should surely try this mango lemonade margarita this summer.


  • 2 cups frozen mango
  • ¼ cup fresh lime juice
  • 1 cup triple sec
  • 1 cup tequila
  • 2 lime wedges
  • 4-5 Ice cubes
  • Salt for rim of glass


1. In a blender add the frozen mangoes and the ice-cubes.

2. Then add triple sec, tequila and lime juice. Blend until it is smooth and creamy.

3. On the rim of the glass rub the lime wedge. Then dip the glass in the salt. You can also dip it in the sugar as well.

4. Pour the drink into the same glass and lastly, garnish it with lime wedge.

Your refreshing glass of mango lemonade margarita is ready.