Green apples are crunchy, juicy and sour-tasting fruit. This fruit might be less popular in comparison to its red counterpart, but it boasts of a multitude of benefits that definitely deserves its due credit. It is said green apple was first cultivated by the British-Australian orchardist Maria Ann Smith in 1868. This verdant coloured fruit is believed to be a hybrid between French Crab apple and the Rome beauty apple.Green apples are widely known for the flavour they add to classic apple pies, but its time you learn about its other benefits too (and a few more recipes beyond the apple pie.)

1. Improves Metabolism

They are replete with fibres that make them good for faster metabolism and digestion. A green apple a day can truly keep your tummy troubles away.

2. Helps Control Diabetes

Studies in this field have shown that consuming green apples daily can reduce the risk of developing early signs of diabetes. Green apples have low GI and are also high in fibre which can work wonders to keep diabetes in control.

3. Good For Weight Management

Green apples have low levels of sugar and are also less in calories. This fruit can be a great option to munch on whenever you are craving for something sweet and sour. Moreover, the fruit will keep you satiated for a longer period, which may further help you to shed a few pounds. Click here for the recipe of Green Apple Raita.

4. Strengthen Bone Health

The presence of a fair amount of calcium in the apple can improve the build of the bone. Calcium is an important part of bone health and maintaining it can prevent risks like osteoporosis.

5. Superb For Skin

They are an excellent fruit for the nourishment of the skin. They are laden with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which moisturizes the skin from within.

6. Improves Eyesight

Green apples are enriched with vitamin A which is an essential nutrient for the health of the eyes. Drinking a glass of apple juice can strengthen the vision.

Start including green apples in your diet and you will surely see the difference yourself.