Are you a true chicken lover? Then we bet you’ve been to this American fast-food joint not just once but many times. Their crispy fried chicken is the trade secret that has kept KFC under the scanner for long now. Be it their burgers or wraps or even rice bowls, this crispy fried chicken steals the show everywhere. Good news is that KFC is launching its first-ever restaurant-themed apartment and we can’t keep calm. 

The food giant tweeted recently about this new venture on their UK handle and since then, it has been the talk of the town. Bright red and white hues perfectly capture the essence of the brand. If you haven’t seen it already, here’s a quick glimpse. 

Source: KFC UK/Twitter 

The Formula Of 11

The House of Harland, as it is being called under its founder, Colonel Harland Sanders, is all about 11. Since the secret recipe has about 11 spices and herbs, they seemed to have carried the tradition forward by launching it for just 11 days i.e. from August 18 to August 29. 

Recreation And More

The most fascinating bit about this apartment stay has to be the unique “Press to order KFC” button where you can order anything from their restaurant, that too from an allowance you get from the food chain itself. A chauffeur-driven pick up service will be provided to each guest, from where they will be escorted to the house where a cool arcade and cinema area awaiting them. 

The restaurant’s tagline, “It’s finger lickin’ good” is etched in bright neon lights, along with cute chicken-illustrated towels and other home-centered items of use. We guess it will be hard for anyone to resist ordering in such a case then, won’t it?