Juicy, soft and succulent, kebab is one dish we can’t imagine a dinner party without. It is always enough to draw the whole crowd together. Be it for their delicious flavours or the aroma, kebabs rule our hearts like nothing else. And look at the sheer variety of it - from seekh kebab and shaami kebab to galouti kebab and tangdi, each of these kebabs spell indulgence. This is one reason why almost every time we make or order kebabs in large quantities, simply because we know it won’t be enough. Which obviously leads to lot of leftover kebabs in the refrigerator. Did you know you could use that up in unique ways too? Well, we bring you a list of four leftover kebab recipes you must try.  

1. Kebab Curry

Curries are never a bad idea. Picture those succulent kebabs, dunked in a super spicy, aromatic gravy of tomato-onion and curd along with a host of flavourful spices – a kebab curry is just the perfect fix for your leftover kebabs. Anyone who prefers spicy curries would simply love this dish. Pair it with naan, some mint chutney and onion rings.

2. Kebab Roll

Quickest, easiest and extremely delicious idea. Pack those leftover kebabs in a roll with some mayonnaise, mint chutney and onion. Slurping already? We feel you.

3. Kebab Pav

Move over vada pav and stuff those pavs with shaami or Galouti kebabs for a wholesome affair.

4. Kebab Pulao

Your soft and succulent kebabs tossed with aromatic pulao and spices makes for an irresistible treat you cannot miss. You can pair the pulao with your favourite curry and have a wholesome meal.