However, diabetics generally fret at this time of the year because they can just watch the rest drinking a frothy mango shake. Now you need not stare at others since you can have your share of mangoes too this season. Rumour has it that Pakistan’s markets are flooded with a secret variety of mangoes this season, sugar-free mangoes.  

How did this happen? And is it really true? Relax. And keep reading.  

A mango expert named Ghulam Sanwar has been credited with this invention of sugar-free mangoes. Usually, popular varieties of this fruit like Chaunsa, Sindoori etc. are full of sugar content, making it impossible for diabetics to relish it. Over the years, M.H. Panhwar Farms’ owner has experimented a lot by growing a different species of mangoes and assessing their suitability in our environmental conditions.  

It was only after his demise that his nephew, Ghulam carried on the legacy and after much ado, his hard labour bore sweet(less) fruits, quite literally!  

What’s on offer?  

There are three types of mangoes appropriate for diabetes, namely Sonara, Glenn and Keitt. The sugar levels lie between 4% to 6% with Keitt having the lowest sugar content (4.7%). In the process, it has also been found that these special diet mangoes have a longer shelf life than other varieties. You can now find them in the Pakistani markets touted at INR 150 per kg.  

We’re waiting for the day they would be imported to India too, aren’t you?