Though Gochujang has its origin in Korea, people from other parts of the world have also started experimenting with it in their cuisine. Gochujang sauce tastes perfect with grilled meat and seafood marinade.

How is Gochujang made?

The traditional method of making gochujang takes several months. Koreans use chili powder, sticky rice, barley powder, dried and fermented soybeans, and salt to prepare Gochujang sauce.

These days you may find variation in ingredients. People have started adding corn syrup or glucose, garlic powder, and other additional flavors to give a different taste to the sauce. But with any variation, gochujang is considered the "mother of all chilli sauces". 

How does it taste? 

If you consume gochujang alone, it will give a fairly intense flavour, not unpleasant, but spicy and bitter. You need to add other ingredients to make the gochujang sauce. 

This is not an ordinary hot sauce, gochujang is a thick paste that adds structure and flavour to dressings, sauces, and soups. Gochujang paste has more flavour due to the addition of rice, fermented soy, and salt.

How to eat Gochujang?

Koreans love to mix gochujang with roasted sesame oil and toss over roasted vegetables. The unique flavors of gochujang combined with heat have made it a central part of many traditional gochujang sauces used in Korean dishes or adaptations, such as bibimbap, Korean chicken wings, sashimi, Korean barbecue, and other famous Korean dishes.

Can you store Gochujang?

Yes, gochujang lasts for a long time and that's why it a suitable sauce to keep in your kitchen for daily use. Moreover, if you store this spicy chili sauce in the refrigerator, it can be kept for up to 3 months.

If you ever want to try to make this red colour paste at home; don’t forget to use the traditional method.