Mai Tai, a name so charming and the drink so refreshing, makes it a particularly remarkable drink to kick-start your weekend with. Name all that you need and this cocktail has got it all. It’s fruity, tangy, sweet, earthy and obviously tasteful. Mai Tai is a striking deal, making it a top-most admirable cocktail you shouldn't even think of missing out on. There's no doubt that most of the best cocktails are made using rum as its primary ingredient because of its exquisite blend of flavors. Without rum, a drink is unsatisfactory and makes one feel incomplete. It’s said that this drink had lost its relevance during the late 90s but due to a sudden popularity, it’s back on track and now famous worldwide. With an interesting and long history that it has, it made its comeback with an infusion of more exciting variations such as mixed with grapefruit juice and more, having a blend of its foremost ingredients such as rum, orange curacao, lime juice and orgeat syrup. This drink is sure to make you feel livelier than ever. 

It takes hardly a few minutes to prepare but the after effects are intense and beyond phenomenal. So get ready with a glass and all the ingredients we’ve named below for you, so that you can cherish a refreshing drink at home. 


  1. 60ml rum 
  2. 30ml orange curacao 
  3. 30ml orgeat syrup  
  4. 3 tablespoons of lime juice 
  5. 10ml sugar syrup   


  1. Take a shaker, always add sugar syrup and lime sugar first than other ingredients. 
  2. Then add all the ingredients one by one. Shake well and transfer it to a cocktail glass. 
  3. Mai tai is ready! Garnish with lemon and mint leaves. 

Just add some more exciting variations of your own if you wish to and within no time you’re going to be lost in pure joy and happiness. But make sure to drink wisely!