The people of Gangtok are commonly known as Nepalese, Bhutia, Tibetans or Lepcha. Talking about their food culture, it’s very vivid as they are passionate about their food tradition. If you are planning a trip to Gangtok, make sure you check out these amazing places to fill your stomach with good food. 


This Gangtok restaurant is known for its specialisation in Thakali, the traditional cuisine of the people of the Thak Khola Valley in Nepal. This place will offer real value for your money. They also serve amazing cocktails.

Cafe Live & Loud

Background music while eating can lift your mood to another level. Cafe Live & Loud is believed to be the first and only music club in the Northeast. It has an acoustic environment where you can enjoy a late night dinner with good music.


The attention to detail in each dish on the menu is impressive and it is undoubtedly one of the finest cafes in the city. Nimtho has branches in Gangtok and Delhi where you can try Sikkimese cuisine.

Osm Restro & Lounge

Indian, continental, snacks and desserts, alcohol and non-alcoholic cocktails; this place is filled with a wide menu. Osm Restro Lounge is situated in the heart of Gangtok and is also considered one of the best restaurants in Sikkim. 

It is designed for more than 150 guests and is divided into two parts: The beautiful family section of the restaurant and the bar is open for enjoying drinks.

Loafing Around

The decoration of this place is something that will insist you enter this place and once you enter, there is no way you want to walk out without trying their delicious cakes. 

The joy and laughter with your family while eating on a trip is one of the wonderful moments to remember. Enjoy the best food, music and climate, whenever you are in this magical town.