Come the festive season, markets start bustling with crowds, shopping for the special occasions and halwais take out their kadhais for making sweets. Each festival has some iconic dish associated with it and more often than not, it is something sweet. For instance, people relish Gujiya on Holi and Gurupurab fills the house with the aroma of kadha prasad. Similarly, Ganesh Chaturthi has been associated with modaks for as long as we know. Since Lord Ganesha loved the modak, his mother Goddess Parvati declared that he would be offered 21 modaks by his worshippers. 

However, modak is not the only special thing about this festival. Maharashtrians have got their puran polis and kheer in place too. Mind you, it is not the usual vermicelli kheer that we have but a special Gavachi Kheer. Made from whole wheat and jaggery, this kheer is often served during Ganesh Chaturthi. 

The kheer is quite significant during wedding ceremonies too in the state. In fact, there is a ritual wherein the newly-wed bride has to prepare this kheer for her in-laws in the former days of marriage. The richness of the kheer owes itself to the milk and sugar. However, if you are a fan of creamy kheers then you can use condensed milk instead of regular milk too. The scent of saffron and strong flavours of cardamom and nutmeg powder lend the kheer a distinct taste. The nuts are roasted in ghee before adding them to the pudding. 

An old kheer recipe, it is offered as naivedya to Goddess Durga during the festive season. Now you can move over modaks and try this Gavache kheer for Ganesh Chaturthi this year.