Ganesh Chaturthi, like any other Indian festival, is all about offering prayers, wearing new clothes, and preparing and having delicious foods. Bhog has a special role to play in every festivity. We prefer making a dish that’s the most favourite of the deity whom we are going to offer that food. Similarly, on Ganesh Chaturthi, people make modak, shrikhand and many more such delicacies to satiate our dear Bappa’s hunger. You can make this yearly celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi more interesting and exciting by preparing a few fusion delights and offering them to Bappa. Let’s tell you about them straight away.

Berry Kheer

Everybody has eaten rice kheer and sabudana kheer but not all know how berry kheer would taste. You can add an exotic touch to your desi kheer this Ganesh Chaturthi by adding berries to it. Want to try? If yes, boil milk with sugar in a utensil and wait for it to be reduced to half. Once that’s done, add fresh cream and dried cranberries. Garnish with fresh berries and serve cold. 

Rose Shrikhand

The name of the dish itself sounds so delicate. To make rose shrikhand, you need to first drain out all the water from the curd and then refrigerate overnight. Add powdered sugar, rose essence, rose petals, and rose syrup to the curd. Mix well till you get a smooth creamy consistency. Serve cold. 

Cranberry Balls

Cranberry balls are relished by many and can be served as bhog to Bappa. To make these laddoos, you need to take a big bowl and add grated coconut, oats, dried cranberries, and condensed milk. Mix them well till you get a thick dough. Take a few portions and roll the balls. 

Paan Modak

Ever heard of paan modak? This vibrant and green delicacy tastes refreshing, thanks to pan leaves used to make it. For paan modak, you are required to take a blender and add pan leaves, condensed milk, dried rose petals, grated coconut, and gulkand. Blend them and cook for at least 4 minutes. Let the mixture attain room temperature and then make modaks.