It's Friday again and we know you are excited about the weekend. After all, who doesn’t love chilling with a pizza and favourite booze while binge-watching Netflix after slogging at work for the entire week? While some people can’t move over beer, some people enjoy a nice glass of wine. Whereas some people love a glass of strong, smoky whiskey. Whiskey lovers usually order an Irish or a Scotch whiskey and enjoy it with a moreish side dish. But it's time to take the whiskey lovers on a fun and surprising ride to explore some flavours of whiskey which they won't believe exist. Check them out to try the exciting flavours of your favourite booze this weekend. 

1. Peanut Butter Whiskey
We all love to enjoy a good spread of peanut butter on our toasts or peanut butter and jelly. But have you ever wondered how this cream delight will taste on alcohol? If not, you have to try this delicious whiskey flavour if you go gaga over peanut butter. Thinking of trying it at home first? Try making these peanut butter whiskey balls. 

2. Pecan Pie Whiskey

Can you even imagine whiskey infused with gooey pecan pie? Well, we do agree that no one can imagine Thanksgiving without pecan pie but pecan pie whiskey surely sounds absurd and exciting as well. Want to know how it tastes like? You have to try it the next time you visit a bar then.

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3. Chipotle Whiskey
We surely do enjoy a good Mexican platter filled with tortillas, tacos and chipotle. But chipotle in alcohol? Yes, it does exist. Blended with the typical whiskey taste along with the hot and spicy chipotle, this whiskey is a must-try for spice lovers. 

4. Cookies And Cream Whiskey
Is there even a better dessert combination than cookies and cream? We don’t think so. And what’s better than this combo in alcohol? Well, we know you aren’t sure. But if you are someone who has a sweet tooth, you should try this whiskey at least once in your life. 

5. Rice Whiskey
Rice beer does make sense. But rice whiskey? Makes no sense, right? But it does make sense to people who have tried it. Basically made in Japan, this whiskey is slightly on the pungent side. 

So, the next time you go to a bar to enjoy booze, try ordering these whiskeys to explore the world of weird yet delicious alcohol.