But we love experimenting and as they say, ‘Necessity is the mother of all invention’, our (unexpressed) needs have taken the form of some unusual cutlery.  

Here are 4 bizarre cutleries around the world that you never knew existed.  

1. Chork  

As the name suggests, this weird looking cutlery works as a fork as well as chopsticks. Seems pretty useful when you don’t know how to use chopsticks at a Chinese restaurant. On the top are the spikes of the fork and the handle has two parallel sticks that function as chopsticks.  

2. Trongs  

Do you remember the times when you wanted to have chicken wings on a date but resisted because it would get messy? These finger protector Trongs are a life saviour. Next time, you Injeracan clip them onto your fingers and start digging into your favourite wings or ribs without a reason to worry.  

3. Injera  

Native to the Ethiopia, Injera is a flattened bread that is spread out on the base and serves as a plate for the rest of the food. It is similar to how food is served on banana leaves in southern parts of India. Unlike the leaf, the bread is edible and also serves as a cutlery to scoop out a bite from the plate. This bears resemblance to the North Indian style of eating roti and sabzi with hands.  

4. Finger spoons & Finger picks  

Instead of holding a fragile toothpick, a fingerpick fitted onto your fingers with sharp claws on the other end can be used to eat finger food. Finger spoons are just a protective cover for your fingers when you feel like licking into a jar of nutella or a cheesy dip. 

Well, seems like we are just a few inventions away from using our hands at all for eating. You think so too?