Herbs have the ability to bring an edge to any type of food whether it be soups or salads or curries or desserts or even beverages. Herbs are types of short plants which have great medicinal use but are also a wonderful addition to any dish. Most herbs also store well and some special flowers with different uses.

There are thousands of different types of herbs available in the market but these seven have been specially curated keeping in mind their utility in an Indian household. Here are some tips on how to use them and what they look like:


This is very similar dhania or coriander, and is frequent in Mexican and Indian cuisine. With a bright and citrusy taste, it is a very refreshing herb and resembles parsley in many ways.


With subtypes spearmint and peppermint, it has a strong, cooling and sweet aftertaste. It is very refreshing and it was of great utility in the kitchen in most savoury and sweet dishes and also in hot and cold drinks.


Basil is a very commonly used and loved herb. It has a peppery and sweet taste. It finds its roots in Italian and Thai cuisine. It has great complexity and can be used during cooking and for garnish.


Hits of sweetness and hints of spiciness are characteristics of a sprig of oregano. Often part of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, oregano have a flat and oval look with a little bit of fuzz.


Common in Italian and French cooking, you’ll probably see this on top of many pasta, soups and salads. Parsley has a peppery taste and has broad, serrated, green leaves.


With clean, grassy and tangy flavours, dill is the unsung hero of the herb family. It is much use in Greek and Scandinavian food. Dill has very fine leaves and looks much like a delicate fern.