All different types of peppers are a part of a genus called capsicum (which in India we know as green pepper) and their flavours vary from chili to sweet to hot.

There was once a time when peppers were only grown in Latin America and were a big part of their cuisine. But after the Spanish and Portuguese discovered the new world they brought it back to Europe. And then Europe took it to different parts of the world. Peppers are in fact a type of fruit and not a vegetable and some peppers are very sweet. But some peppers are so hot that they can blow your socks off.

Bell Pepper

These are big and juicy, and the sweeter types of peppers out there in the market. They are typically available in a variety of colours like red, yellow, green, and orange.

They are super versatile and good in almost any cuisine whether Chinese, Italian or Indian.


Another common variety, this one is loads hotter than the bell pepper and also has a tangy kick to it. It also has less utility than the bell peppers in the kitchen. But if you want to reduce the heat, scrape the seeds from the Jalapeño.

Piri Piri

This Portuguese and Mozambique pepper is quite famous around the world and it’s available at Indian grocery stores as well. Typically very hot with the looks of a short red chili, it’s used in a traditional Mozambique dish called piri piri chicken.

Tabasco Pepper

Yes, this is the very same pepper as the bottled hot sauce. But this is much spicier and drier. It is far less sour than the bottled sauce.

Ghost Peppers

You might have some problem sourcing this one, it’s after all one of the spiciest peppers in the world including India. An alternative name for this is Bhut Naga Jolokia (Bhut meaning ghost, naga meaning snake and jolokia is another word for Chile).