As writers, sometimes we don't always get to pick the stories which inspire us the most. Instead, we choose to write about things that readers would want to hear: the latest goings-on in the world, the newest trends, events, products and so on. But this does not mean that we cannot choose to walk away from all that and clear our headspace to focus on what we truly want to say. On days like Friday, that’s exactly what we do. It is that one day when we get a free pass to discuss those things which really put a smile on our faces. And yours too, we hope! So, here goes the list —

1. We wish that gur rasmalai was an everyday treat for a lunch break

Recently, we found ourselves at Bikanervala, tasting the ever-so-delicious gur rasmalai. We didn’t even know that it was a thing. But now that we know, we have to make a big deal about this. It has jaggery-flavoured malai with a hint of cardamom. When you bite into that chhena which soaks up the flavour of the malai, you’ll understand that this rasmalai is a total slayer, so we hope that gur rasmalai doesn't get removed from the menu anytime soon! 

2.   We cannot get enough of watermelon on mustard, tried yet?  

Photo: Keisha Washington

People are very disgusted with watermelon on mustard, But truth be told, we’re not sure why people comment before they've even tried it. Mustard is that one condiment that can take most people by surprise when they try it -- in a good way. Case in point: mustard has a peppery taste, and adds a lot of flavour to the sweetness of the watermelon. We say go for it. 

3.  We love chefs and communities that came forward to help during the pandemic pause

While we have covered the story about Deepanker Khosla, who recently won the ‘Champions of Change’ award for creating influential change in the hospitality industry during the pandemic in Thailand, don’t be under the impression that we’ve forgotten about all the other heroes! Chef Vikas Khanna created massive change, a collective of home-based bakers raised money under the leadership of Neysa Mendes, a chef of Indian origin named Daman Srivastava is going above and beyond to feed homeless people in Melbourne. Not just chefs, communities in gurudwaras around the world have stepped forward, too. Many such examples remind us why Indian values are rooted in compassion.

4.  Celebrities who post photos of food  

Friends who eat together stay together. This is especially true for Indian celebrities who love to pamper their friends and families with homemade food like biryani, chicken curry, rajma chawal, healthy meals and so on. Almost every other week, we find out via Instagram that one of the Bollywood celebrities sent out biryanis to their clan, or had a nice home-style lunch by the sea and so on. This time, it was Janhvi Kapoor who enjoyed a traditional South-Indian lunch, which included podi dosa with a huge dollop of coconut chutney. Hey Janhvi, if you're listening, we're waiting for an invite!  We can be lunch buddies!   

Photo: Hindustan Times

5.  We also want an ice-cream picnic, like other working people! 

Do you know how many times we, as writers, just want to break loose and feed ourselves all the delicious food in the world? By talking constantly about food seven hours a day, it’s obvious that we’ll wish for it to magically materialise right before our eyes. So many offices allow their staff to have a field day in the park; sigh, if only we had the advantage too…

Phew, glad we got that off our chest!