No matter what the occasion is, Laddoos are a must-include in the Indian sweets and dessert menu. A quintessential part of Indian cuisine, Laddoos are one of the favourite sweets of all Indians. After all, who can resist the decadent sweet balls with a melt-in-mouth texture and an aroma enough to make anyone drool? With all things delicious and aromatic, Laddoos always manage to tug at the heartstrings of most Indians. Although delicious and indulgent, Laddoos are always found in the fridge of most Indian households. These leftover Laddoos then find their way to the dustbin and get wasted. But why waste when you can reuse? Yes, you heard it right. You can reuse leftover Laddoos and make dishes that’ll make you taste Laddoos in all their glory. Here are four dishes that you can make at home by using leftover Laddoos. 

Laddoo Halwa

Ever thought of combining two of your favourite desserts? If not, here’s your time to do so. Make this Laddoo Halwa to elevate the flavours of both dishes to another level. Blend the Laddoos to make a paste and make a halwa out of it by stir-frying it with desi ghee. Garnish the Halwa with dry fruits before serving. 

No-Bake Motichoor Ladoo Cheesecake

Get ready to go on a fusion ride with this Laddoo cheesecake recipe. Easy to make and absolutely delicious, this no-bake Laddoo cheesecake will surely tug at your heartstrings. Try this recipe and you’ll keep asking for more. 

Leftover Ladoo Kheer 

A kheer that is all things delicious and creamy will surely turn your day around. Crush the Laddoos and add them to boiling milk. Continuously stir it for about 7-8 minutes and add khoya. Once the ingredients are combined well, remove it from heat and garnish with saffron and dry fruits. 

Motichoor Basundi Panna Cotta

Give an Italian twist to two authentic Indian dishes by making a Panna Cotta out of them. Laddoos and Basundi deliciously compliment each other and will make an indulgent dessert. 

So, if you have some leftover Laddoos in your fridge, go take them out and try making these dishes out of them now. Serve these dishes as dessert courses and make everyone around you go “Ga Ga”.