If you are someone who sees tofu as just a vegan alternative to cottage cheese, you haven’t been to Myanmar. In the Shan state of Myanmar, people use chickpea tofu as an everyday ingredient to make fritters and salads. If you have been making tofu with soybean, eat more local food from around the world, such as this chickpea tofu or Burmese tofu. 


Doesn't the pictures of chickpea tofu fritters remind you of our beloved pakodas? We bet that you will love the unique creations that are made with chickpea tofu. Do take the taste test.

You can prepare the chickpea tofu at home with the aim to hit the summer break in an inspired way. When people begin trying some interesting recipes with tofu, they get hooked instantly. But they don’t venture beyond it. Hardly do they take into account that chickpea tofu is the closely related alternative. For those who follow a plant-based diet, adding chickpea tofu to your diet will be a refreshing change. Wouldn’t you like to have another amazing alternative in your pantry? 

The batter of chickpea tofu is quite creamy, almost like polenta. Chickpea tofu is made with sea salt, garlic, pepper, turmeric and ginger. It has a fairly neutral flavour and can be added to soups and curries too. Whether you are wondering that you have to adapt to the taste or shall love it instantly, we say you definitely back up the chickpea tofu, originally from Myanmar. The chefs of San Francisco are slowly catching on to the appeal of toasted chickpea tofu. It isn’t just versatile but also absorbs sauces and dressings when used and holds onto the flavour of chickpea too. We also recommend that you try making some traditional Burmese recipes with chickpea tofu. How about you toss it in with some ginger, garlic and chilli sauce for a yummy bowl meal? Or, make something like chickpea curry, or garnish the tofu with soy sauce, toasted peanuts, fried onions and coriander. Don’t worry, it won’t crumble!  

Now have some great fun eating chickpea tofu!