Amidst the ongoing pandemic, a lot of things came to a halt. Travel was one of the worst hit sectors in this regard since the Covid restrictions left everyone stuck within the four walls of their houses. Our travel plans came to a standstill and let’s admit it, we missed the journey more than the entire trip itself. Be it by car or train or even by air, there was a certain joy in travelling with your loved ones. Now, what if we tell you that you can’t travel but can surely enjoy the train food experience? 

Yes, that is true. Remember how our mothers used to pack aloo puris and other fried snacks for long journeys via train? We would play antakshari and pass the food plates to everyone in the compartment. Now, you can experience that thrill without having to take the risk of travelling in these tough times. Recently, Harsh Goenka, an industrialist, took to his Twitter handle to share a video of a restaurant where food arrives on trains. This restaurant in Hyderabad, called Platform 65, is a uniquely-themed venture which aims to entertain its customers as well as maintain social distancing. 

Goenka captioned the tweet saying, “If you are missing train travel, here’s a unique restaurant in Hyderabad #Platform65”. In the video, we see a train entering the dining hall from kitchen, carrying bowls of curry and rotis. This train moves on a set track and halts only when it reaches its destination i.e. table. When the order arrives on the table, the family dining there seems very elated and excited. 

The restaurant serves North, South Indian and Chinese cuisines, which are placed on the train compartments and sent over to their junctions. This is a very feasible concept in times of Covid, allowing least interaction between the waiter and the customer. Started in the year 2019, the concept of the restaurant has been borrowed from Germany’s miniature locomotive, as per a report by The Republic World. 

               Source: Harsh Goenka/Twitter