There is no dearth of natural blessings when it comes to gaining well-rounded health and wellness. There is an array of fruits, vegetables, and spices that fulfil our nutritional needs and help us get fit and fine. Here we will talk about one such magical ingredient. You must have heard of fenugreek seeds or methi dana. This spice is capable of helping you lose weight. You can either soak them in water or drink methi tea to get rid of those extra kilos. Also, those who are suffering from some ailments can use these tiny wondrous seeds to battle against them. Usually, methi seeds are used to enhance the flavour of a dish.

Replacing your caffeine intake with methi tea filled with nature’s goodness can help you manage obesity and also manage the level of insulin in your blood. In addition, methi tea can improve your metabolic rate that can further help in losing weight.

Moreover, methi tea can fix your stomach ailments too. So, if you are at high risk of constantly suffering from stomach-related issues like heartburn, constipation, and acidity, you should use this arsenal. The fibre present in methi seeds makes your stool softer and helps in passing through the anus.

Methi seeds have a range of other benefits to offer. For example, they help supply oxygenated blood to the kidneys that do not let the stones form in the organ.

How to Make Methi Tea? 

It is effortless to prepare. First, crush methi seeds to get the powdered form. Now, warm a cup of water and add a teaspoon of powdered methi seeds to it. Stir nicely and strain. Add a spoon of honey for a better flavour. Your methi tea is ready to have.  

Another way of making methi tea is by soaking the seeds in water overnight. The following day, strain the water, add tulsi leaves to it and boil. Again strain the water and add honey. Your healthy drink is ready to enjoy.