You can find two varieties in fonio: White fonio, which is the most common type that you are likely to find in any grocery store and black fonio, often referred to as iburu. It is widely grown in parts of Nigeria.

To know more about fonio, let’s look at some of its amazing health benefits:

Aids weight loss

Fonio contains a lot of fiber and eating a high-fiber diet can help reduce appetite, which can help you lose or maintain weight. It also contains protein which helps you feel full for a longer time. This reduces the amount consumed between meals. 

Helps in controlling blood sugar level

The nutrients present in fonio help in keeping blood sugar levels constant. Thanks to their high fiber and plant protein content, whole grains like fonio can retain more stable blood sugar than refined cereals, which have less of these nutrients and more carbohydrates. This grain is perfect for people with diabetes.

Provides amino acids

For some essential amino acids, our body depends on food. Fonio is distinguished from most other grains because it contains significant amounts of the two essential amino acids cysteine and methionine. These two amino acids are important for human growth which are usually lower in other grains.

Fonio can be used in a wide range of dishes and recipes, from breakfast to main courses and side dishes. There are several ways to cook fonio. You can steam it and use it as an alternative to rice. 

Warning: If a person is allergic to fonio, do not take fonio in the diet, it can cause severe reactions.