Getting wrinkles and suffering from loss of bone mass? Do you also feel the volume of your hair is decreasing day by day? If yes, you need to start consuming fish collagen. Also known as marine collagen, it is sourced from fish and is the most abundantly found protein in the human body. 

Fish collagen plays a significant role in maintaining your overall posture. The protein is broken down into collagen peptides through hydrolysis as these peptides are conveniently digestible for the human body. Post consuming fish collagen, our digestive system breaks the peptides into amino acids that are further absorbed by organs that require it the most. 

Fish collagen is edible and packed with amino acids that help in cellular growth and the prevention of cell damage. Below, we have mentioned a few other important benefits of consuming fish collagen that you should know about. 

Improves Skin Health

Collagen (Type 1 collagen present in fishes) makes 70 per cent of our skin. Its production in our bodies declines with age and that’s why we observe ageing signs like wrinkles and the appearance of cellulite in our skin. Fish collagen can help you reduce the ageing speed by making your skin more hydrated, firm, and smooth. It can actually make you look young again by replenishing healthy and happy skin. 

Good For Bone Health

Those who are at a high risk of osteoporosis must make it a habit of consuming fish collagen daily. It will prevent loss of bone mass and also increase bone strength by helping in the effective absorption of calcium and other vital minerals by your body.

Maintains Your Blood Sugar Level

Being rich in glycine, an amino acid, fish collagen can stabilize blood sugar levels. According to a study conducted by Alberta Diabetes Institute, people with type 2 diabetes have been found to have low levels of this amino acid in their bodies. Researchers have revealed that providing glycin-rich fish collagen to diabetics can reduce insulin resistance in them.

Gives Volume to Your Tresses

For healthy and shiny hair, you need ample keratin production in which proline, an amino acid found in fish collagen helps. This means, consuming marine collagen can improve your hair strength, reduce hair loss and increase its volume too.