Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus is not only a railway station in Mumbai but a historical building that's there since 1887. Designed by a British architecture named Frederick William Stevens, CSTM was named after a warrior king who gave a very tough time to British rule through his guerrilla tactics. The CSMT is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You may be thinking why we are telling you so much about this railway station even though we should be ideally talking about food. Well, there is a link between the two.

Recent news tells that CSTM is soon going to get a restaurant on wheels. The Indian Railway is planning to fully transform a rail car into a stunning dine-in set up to offer a one-of-a-kind experience to all the travellers.

It is being estimated that refurbishing old coaches will approximately cost Rs. 28 lakh. Before opening the restaurant for common people, a proper drainage system should be there and that’s what Mumbai railway is taking care of right now.

This new restaurant on the wheel will be next to the popular open-air heritage gully that is known to showcase some of the old but important artifacts including India’s first electric locos, 1928 vintage narrow gauge steam locomotive, etc. It also displays a fire engine made in 1880, a printing press, and an old crusher. Adding to the charm of the heritage gully, the restaurant will serve its guests in the best way it can. It will be set up near platform number 18.

This restaurant reminds me of two similar aesthetically themed eateries on the wheel in Asansol which were made by giving a complete makeover to railway coaches. The coaches boast of a tea boutique, ChaiChun and a restaurant called Wow Bhojan.

I am quite impressed by the idea of using some of the old railway compartments into something so eye-grabbing and useful. Not sure about you all but I am definitely going to get an experience of relishing some of the scrumptious food at this new restaurant whenever it is ready to welcome guests.