If you're planning on making bagels at home, here’s what you can fill them with, in case you’re looking for trying out something whole together, different and exciting for a change. Of course, most bagels have butter or cheese on them, but we have bought an exciting range of fillings or stuffings you can try out.

1. Mayonnaise and lettuce

Nothing beats a plain spread of yummy mayonnaise that melts straight in our mouths. On top of this, you can add some lettuce for a leafy crunch to your bagels. Bagels overloaded with mayonnaise and lettuce is the best combo to exist. If you're a bread lover, definitely try out this combo.

2. Chocolate spread

If you’re looking for a rich chocolatey fill to eat your bagels with, then we’ve got you covered. Most bagels are considered imperfect without a chocolate spread filling. Chocolate makes everything better; that's a universal truth. A chocolate spread usually has a delicious mouth-watering chocolatey taste enriched with hazelnut, peanutsor almonds and if sliced with strawberries in between, it can make anything taste wholesome and hearty.

3. Jams

Jams are pretty much used to top up everything from toasts, sandwiches, doughnuts, to even pancakes. So if you’re a jam lover, make your bagels bright and jelly-like. Of course, you are free to fill in with any jam, but we can assure you orange jam or cranberry would be the ideal notoriously delicious choice to fill your bagels with.

4. Pastrami

Are you looking to eat bagels besides just as a snack? Then, pastrami can give it the perfect healthier filling. Pastrami is a thin-sliced smoked beef seasoned with herbs and spicy paste. Bagels filled with pastrami can be the ideal spicy stuffing you can ever ask for. 

So well, what are you waiting for? Please tell us which filling fits your mood today and quickly add them between your bagels.