Indian cuisine is incomplete without herbs and spices. There is no delicacy that is quite complete without a hint of spices. One such popular spice is fenugreek, more commonly known as ‘Methi’, this traditional herb is quite common in every Indian kitchen and is used in various culinary delights. Fenugreek consists of tiny seed pods that contain yellow-brown seeds which have a strong pungent taste. This herb is believed to be native to Western Asia and the Mediterranean countries almost dating back to the beginning of time when people had few resources to prepare food for themselves. However, their usage is not only limited to the culinary world. Did you know that methi is a popular medicinal herb as well? This multi-purpose herb has a repertoire of health benefits as it is packed with a range of vitamins and minerals that are good for our overall health. Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits of this herb.

1. Healthy Digestive System

Fenugreek can work as a magic for those people who are suffering from acidity and bloating as it is imbued with anti-inflammatory properties. This component prevents the formation of toxic acids in the digestive system which further facilitates a better bowel movement.

2. Reduce Menstrual Cramp Pains

Do menstrual cramps often drain out all your energy and will to go about the day? This herb may help in quelling the pain. Fenugreek is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties and studies have shown that alkaloids present in these seeds work as a pain reliever.

3. Beneficial For Heart

Fenugreek seeds have umpteen number of antioxidant properties with various flavonoids that helps in maintaining the cholesterol levels in the body. These properties help in lowering the bad cholesterol levels (LDL) whilst preventing several heart related ailments.

4. Good For Healthy Weight Loss

Fenugreek is also effective in boosting metabolism. A healthy metabolism plays a key role in stimulating a better weight-loss regimen. Drinking a glass of fenugreek water daily may help you to reach your desired goal.

5. Get Glowing Skin

Fenugreek seeds are an incredible source of vitamin C, this micronutrient helps to fight against free-radicals while keeping our skin cells protected from damage. This in result, keeps the skin cleaner and tighter while giving us a natural glow from within.

Now quickly visit your kitchen and open the herbs container to enjoy the benefits of this marvelous spice