Black and tan is a beer cocktail that originated way back in time from Ireland. This Irish cocktail packs a really malty, sour, creamy and bitter punch to our taste buds. The classic black and tan is typically put together by combining with two fine layers of pale ale and stout poured carefully one after another in a very intriguing yet unique manner that you're going to find out really soon when you scroll along with us. This beer carries quite an interesting history to thrill you up to no end. To begin with the history behind its name, it comes from a Royal Irish Constabulary Reserve Force that was called the ’Blacks and tans’. Moreover, it might be a little bizarre to know that the county it originated from does not follow the same name. Instead, this drink in Ireland is popularly referred to as ‘half and half’. This classic beer cocktail finally came into being after having blended as many beers that might be hard to even imagine. 

So have a look at our all-time favorite beer cocktail to brew. Learn with us this 2-ingredient cocktail and make one at home. 


  1. 30 ml pale ale 
  2. 30 ml stout 

Method for preparation- 

  1. Take a highball glass filled with crushed ice and pour pale ale. 
  2. On top of pale ale, layer with stout that floats on top and gives it an amazing texture, smoothness and mix. 
  3. Black and Tan is ready! Serve chilled.  

Takeaway tip- Always make sure to pour stout slowly and carefully on top of an upside-down tablespoon placed over the highball glass so as to avoid mixing both the layers together.