Put aside all your apprehensions because we have some natural hair dye ideas for you. Try these 5 natural ways to colour your hair at home and keep them protected too.  

1. Coffee 


Coffee isn’t just for your morning wake up call. It has potential to become your next hair colour. So if you are in the mood to dye your hair a shade darker, then try the coffee, coffee grounds and conditioner mixture on your damp hair. This may help to hide those grays and are great for a quick, temporary colour change.  

2. Beetroot and carrot juice  

The beets, as their appearance suggests, lend a beautiful reddish colour to your hair. For a beetroot dye, mix beetroot and carrot juice together and spray the mixture on your hair. You can add some coconut oil to this mixture too. After applying, cover it up for an hour before rinsing it with cold water. 

3. Lemon juice 

The only job of lemons is not just to make lemonade. Try a lemon hair dye and you’ll know. Mix lemon juice and water in equal portions and spray on your hair. Sit in the sun, leaving it on. This will give you a natural lightened hair colour. It may take a few sittings to get your desired lightened shade. Mind you, unlike other dyes this one last really long and cannot be undone within a few weeks or months. Trimming your hair will be the only way.  

4. Chamomile Tea  

Another great way of lightening your hair a shade lower is to use chamomile tea. Brew the tea in water and pour it over your hair. Wash your hair properly before this. Apply this to damp hair multiple times. Rinse after 15-20 minutes. Repeat once a week to see enhanced colour.  

Isn’t this so cool? Cancel that salon appointment and dye your hair at home naturally.  

NOTE: It is advisable to consult a doctor before dying your hair and using these treatments, especially if you are allergic to certain foods.