Father’s Day 2021 is just around the corner and the internet is abuzz with different, unique ideas to celebrate it. Celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year, this time Father’s Day falls on 20th of June. It celebrates the bond between a father and child and people around the world celebrates it many unique ways. Since it is a Sunday, it is all the more reason to spend that quality time with your dad and pamper him in myriad ways. And well, if he’s fond of clinking a glass or two occasionally, we’ve got you sorted on how to make it special for him! 

Here are 5 best cocktails you can make at home and turn the best bartender he could ever have! 

1. Whiskey Sour

A perfect cocktail to take him back in time, whiskey sour is perfect for a relaxing evening. The Whiskey Sour is a rye whiskey or bourbon-based versio

n of one of the world’s most famous cocktails. 

2. Screwdriver 

Citrusy, refreshing and an all-time classic cocktail, Screwdriver is the perfect blend of orange slush, vodka and sugar syrup that is sure to impress even the trickiest of taste buds! 

3. Martini

One of the classics that never fails to impress, Dry Martini cocktail is a blend of either gin or vodka with dry vermouth and flavours of olive or lime, stirred together in a chilled glass with ice.  

4. Caipiroska 

A clean pour of vodka and lime come together for a great spin on the Brazilian cocktail that is sure to enliven your evening.  

5. Allegheny

Not for the ones who like it light, Allegheny is an innovative mix of dry vermouth, Bourbon, brandy and lemon juice! Shaken well and served with a lemon peel on top, Allegheny is perfect for such occasions!