Your entire trip to Odisha is wasted if you haven’t relished its delicious street food. Just like the state’s culture, the street food is vibrant and nurturing. From fried goodies to spicy gravies, Odisha has something or the other in store for everyone. Odisha's street food's unique flavour profile and distinct preparation make them different from their counterparts in other states. We have curated a list of five street foods of Odisha that you need to add to your bucket list now.

1. Dahibara-Aludum
Every Odia’s favourite breakfast, Dahibara-Aludum, is widely sold in the streets of Odisha. It's pretty common to see long queues in front of the last selling Dahibara-Aludum every morning. The herb and bhujia garnish, along with the varieties of chutneys, are what sets Odisha’s Dahibara-Aludum apart from the ones made in the rest of the country.

2. Bara-Ghuguni
Usually served with a garnish of chopped raw onions, Bara-Ghuguni is what every Odia relishes as an evening snack. The Ghuguni is made with dried peas and subtly spicy gravy and is served with crispy Baras.

3. Piyaji
A perfect tea time snack, Piyaji is a deep-fried snack made from a batter of gram flour, onions, ginger and curry leaves. Quite popular among Odias as an evening snack, it is sold in every dhaba and street thelas.

4. Aloo Chop
On similar lines with Maharastra’s Batata Vada, Aloo Chop of Odisha is spicy aloo masala, dipped in a gram flour batter and deep-fried before serving hot. However, the level of spice in the filling sets it apart from the West’s Batata Vada.

5. Mudhi-Mansa
Very common in North Odia districts like Balasore, Mudhi-Mansa is a heavenly combination. Puffed rice served with a spicy mutton gravy, commonly known as mutton jhola, Mudhi-Mansa, celebrates flavours and textures.

Apart from those as mentioned earlier, there are various other savoury and sweet dishes found in the streets of Odisha. The state offers a diverse and vibrant cuisine and is heaven for food connoisseurs.