Nutella is the king of spreads, dips, sauces, and whatnot. Nutella is an emotion; it can mend your broken heart and fill your hunger cravings. It is loved worldwide, and everyone is crazy about this creamy hazelnut and cocoa spread. But, have you ever wondered how this spread was invented and came into existence? Well, we are here to crash some unknown history of Nutella on your slice of bread.

Pietro Ferrero, a pastry chef during world war 2, ingeniously formed a delicious rich paste by mixing sugar, hazelnuts and cocoa powder. He called this paste “Giandujot” (named after the famous local carnival character at that time). But, unfortunately, at that time, chocolate became expensive and scarce due to the rationing by Europe by WW 2. Thus, the word Nutella came about the emergence of “nut” from an Italian ingredient that means hazelnut in the gianduja and “ella”, which means sweet in the Latin suffix. 

When did the Nutella era officially start? It began when its first jar was invented on April 20, 1964, by the Ferrero factory in Alba, Italy. However, Nutella indeed has its origins in the 1940s. In 1951 the chocolate paste was made into a spreadable form and was named super crema. 

Some Unknown Facts About Nutella:

  • Napoleon and Hitler were responsible for the world’s Nutella addiction after world war second.  
  • Initially, Nutella was sold in loaf form. 
  • One jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds, and in 10 minutes, 240 jars are sold.
  • Sara Rosso founded Nutella day on 5th February’2007, and the spread has its international holiday in Italy. 
  • Nutella became the most popular chocolate spread in the whole US, Italy, and France. 
  • According to the OECD, around 250,000 tons of Nutella is presently being sold across countries worldwide every year.
  • You get immense varieties of Nutella to use in cakes, cupcakes, spread, smoothies, Maggi, dosa, milkshakes, and the list goes on. 

So, next time when you open the Nutella jar, thank the Italian pastry chef for his ingenious action. Finally, you get a go-to snack that you can have at any time. It's a survivor of midnight, morning, or lunch. So, take a spoon and delve into the jar of satisfaction before someone else gets their hands on it.