Even if you aren't as well-versed with South Indian cuisine, you must have tried idli at least once in your life. Yes, the same, mini rice cakes that are steamed and served with hot sambhar and a selection of chutneys. The popularity of idli has not only transcended regional borders but also international ones to emerge as one of the most popular snacks of India. Did you know there are multiple kinds of idlis waiting for the same kind of recognition? What most of the country is aware of is just a version of the snack and there’s a lot left to explore and uncover if you call yourself a true idli fan.  

Idli, is traditionally made with a fermented rice batter. Thatte Idli is also made with the same batter, one can in fact even play with the traditional ingredients of the batter and it would just turn fine. The USP of this idli is its unique shape. In Kannada, ‘Thatte’ means a plate. The batter of this idli is poured in a plate with very little depth and then this idli is steamed with the plate, so that when it is demoulded it retains the shape of the plate. To some it may even appear as a thin cake, it does have its characteristic sponginess, hence the parallel may not be completely off the ground. But yes of course, Thatte idli is a savoury snack, which becomes even more irresistable when served with sambhar, chutney, a hint of gun powder or podi masala finished with a dollop of hand churned butter or benne.

Each Thatte idli is equivalent to about 2-3 regular idlis. Hence, if you are looking for a light breakfast, one Thatte idli should be enough for you.  

So without further ado, here’s a Thatte idli recipe for you.