Delhi is often nicknamed as the ‘Street Food Capital’ of India, and rightfully so. Delhi’s history is replete with countless kings and kingdoms, folks and folklores. Naturally then, it also has a culinary heritage influenced by all these communities that found ‘home’ in Delhi. It is impossible to take a stroll down a busy street of Delhi without being enamoured by the slew of delicacies. One tempting treat after another. And if you happen to be a chaat fan, be prepared to be spoilt for choice! Some of the longest queues in Delhi is right outside a Chaat shop. But there is one chaat, that is not usually on the menu of these big chaat ka thelas. We are talking about the very unique-Kulle Ki Chaat.  

What is Kulle Ki Chaat?

Kulle ki chaat is primarily an old Delhi delicacy. ‘Kulle’ refers to small bowls. In this special chaat, fruits like watermelon, or vegetables like sweet potato are cut in cubes, then a chunk from the centre is scooped out so that these pieces start resembling small bowls. These ‘bowls’ are then filled with boiled chickpeas or pomegranate seeds. This bite-sized treat is then popped into mouth, at one-go (just like a gol gappa). Fascinating right?   

Kulle ki chaat is also topped with special masala.  If you are making this chaat at home, you can use the regular chaat masala too. And do not forget to drizzle some lime juice for the added zing.   

What Makes It So Healthy?

Since most of the ingredients are whole fruits, or boiled vegetables or even legumes- Kulle ki chaat is actually a very healthy option for those looking to savour something ‘chatpata’ but are too conscious about the calorie load. It is also ideal for diabetics, provided you keep sugar or any sweet substance away from your chaat.   

So what are you waiting for? Try this chaat today and enjoy.