The day of celebration has finally arrived. Cleansing their bodies of all the toxicities and emerging as a new soul, Eid is celebrated with a lot of pomp and show by the Islamic community across the globe. And when we talk of celebration, food is definitely a highlight of the entire affair.   

This festive season, we give you 4 delicious mutton recipes to gorge on with your family and friends.  

1. Belliram Mutton

Maharaja Ranjit Singh devoured this recipe so much that he ended up naming it after his head chef, Beli ram, who had prepared this delectable dish. What does it taste like? Well, the mutton is cooked on a low flame, at leisure, along with a lot spices, yoghurt, green chilies so that it acquires all the flavors really well.   

2. Qorma-e-Tehsildar 

As the name suggest, this recipe belongs to a tehsildar who resided in the royal courts of Bahadur Shah Zafar. This is very different recipe as it has a creamy texture with minimum spice element. But what’s the star of the dish? It is made using khoya and rabdi, can you believe that?  

3. Awadh ke Gosht ka Qorma  

The name itself sounds royalty. This is a really classy and rich mutton korma recipe that you would have ever tasted. With robust Mughal flavours, you wouldn’t want to stop at just one bite. And if there’s sheermal or a parantha to accompany it, Wallah! 

4. Haleem-e-Khaas  

Mutton Haleem is surely one of the most popular dishes for a festivity like Eid. A gift from the Persian Gulf, if Haleem is on the menu, the preparation has to start a day before because the meat stew is slow cooked along with lentils, wheat and stirred continuously for about 7-8 hours.  

Which mutton delicacy is on your Eid feast this season?