Every time I think of Eid (specially this one), there is a song from Bajrangi Bhaijaan that I start humming almost instantly. It goes like, “Chahiye raan ya boti, chahiye naan ya roti……thodi biryani bukhari, thodi phir nalli nihari”. This song is quite a treat as it literally starts making me crave all things delicious.  Since Eid-ul-Adha is right around the corner, it only seems fair to share with you some delectable recipes that you can prepare at home for a feast. 

1. Meethi Sevaiyaan 

Yes, yes, we know that this is a specialty associated with Eid-ul-Fitr but what is a festival without sweets, right? Take some vermicelli and milk and combine them together, add pistachios and almond for the crunch, kewra for the aroma and desi ghee (do we need a reason for this?)

2. Bhuna Gosht 

How can we miss out on the mutton on Bakr-Id. Loaded with all kinds of spices, ranging from bay leaves to javitri and cardamom, the mutton is cooked on a low flame to let all the flavours infuse nicely. 

3. Chapli Kebab 

Seekh Kebabs are passé. Serve these flat, minced meat kebabs for your Eid feast this year and you are sure to turn heads. The tenderness of the kebabs outweighs its spiciness and we love it that way. You can use chicken or mutton as per your choice. 

4. Zarda Pulao 

This is not your usual pulao because it’s made with sweet rice. Lots of nuts and ghee enhance the flavor and richness of this simple yet mouth-watering recipe. 

5. Mutton Korma

Another delicacy from the house of mutton is korma. Pretty famous for its creamy gravy with fried mutton pieces dunked into it, this can be enjoyed with either naan or some jeera rice. 

6. Date Shake 

Yes, it’s a date. But with a creamy, frothy and ultra-sweet shake. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top and slurp away. 

Your Bakr-Id feast is all set now, how about looking for some pretty outfits now!