Whenever you are visiting a fine-dining restaurant, there are certain codes of conduct and a certain standard of behavior that is expected from the attendants and the diners alike. Since we are going to a restaurant to enjoy their service, we look forward to be treated well by the host. But the responsibility of an enjoyable dining experience does not solely rely on the managers of the place. Guests like us play an equal role in this affair.  

Here are seven fine-dining etiquettes that we shouldn’t overlook so as to have a delightful experience from both ends.  

1. Clinking looks good only on social media

 At such restaurants, clinking your glasses may damage them. Also, this creates unnecessary noise for other diners. 

2. The rims should be spick and span 

Try to eat everything in the center of the plate. A plate full of food with some drooping down from the edges is not a good sight to look at or even hold (for the servers).  

3. While ordering, place the menu on the table


Lifting it off the table is not considered a good sign. Control those hands, man!  

4. Placement of the napkin is important 

If you’ve begun eating, place it on your lap. And when you are done, place it on the left side of the plate. It’s signal that you have eaten.  

5. Cutlery speaks the language of silence  

Forks, knives and spoons are arranged in a particular order, depending on the course of the meal. Each placement will give a different signal. If you have finished the meal and crisscrossed the fork and knife, it indicates that you did not enjoy the food. Place both of them parallelly in the centre of the plate.  

6. Calling the server to your table 

Shouting is totally unacceptable even if the waiter is taking long to reach your table. Even making weird sounds to catch their attention is not an approved gesture. Just used your index finger and give them a hint that their service is required at your table. Then wait patiently.  

7. Eating everything on your plate? Doesn't go well with the fine dining manners

While you maybe all in for not wasting food, leave at least the last bite in the corner. This will show that you have a hearty meal but are not full to the brim.