The second holy month after Ramadan, Muharram is celebrated to mark the anniversary of the battle of Karbala. It is the first month of the Islamic New Year and is celebrated by Muslims from all parts of the world. The festival of Muharram is observed by keeping fasts, going on processions, visiting the Mosque, and greeting family and friends by sharing delicious dishes. Some foods are exclusive to the festival and there are reasons behind why they are relished on this particular day. One of these dishes is ‘Doodh ka Sharbat’. Have you ever wondered why ‘Doodh ka Sharbat’ is savoured on this particular day? If you’re still wondering about it, then let us tell you that there is a holy reason behind it. 

Unlike all the other festivals, Muharram is celebrated as a festival of mourning, self-reflection, and sacrifice. Imam Hussain Ibn Ali and his followers suffered a lot at the battle of Karbala and Imam Hussain died on the day of Muharram. While the warriors suffered a lot due to the loss in the war, they were forced to starve after they lost the battle. Hussain and his followers were deprived of water after they lost the battle. ‘Doodh ka Sharbat’ is drunk by Muslims to pay a tribute to the sacrifices of Hussain and his followers.

This Sharbat is made with milk, dry fruits paste, aromatics, agarwood powder and Rooh Afza. Almonds and pistachios are soaked in water and then ground to a coarse paste. This paste is added to a pan along with milk and then the mixture is reduced to half. Sugar, agarwood powder, and cardamom powder are added to the mixture and then it is cooked for five to six minutes on low flame. The drink is smoked by placing a bowl of hot charcoal and ghee in the vessel and is covered for infusion of the smoky flavour. The drink is cooled and is served with Rooh Afza and chopped dry fruits on top. 

Some people make their version of the Sharbat by adding soaked chia seeds. You can alter the ingredients according to your taste preference. Have a blessed and delightful Muharram!